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The Pressure Builds up

Marie: But you are the queen now, why aren't you happy?
Scarlet: Don't you understand? It's a set up for failure
Marie: No, it is not. You are strong ruler with a huge heart for this kingdom
Scarlet: Don't call it a kingdom, mom. This a town full of people i care about, i don't want to fail them
Marie: You wont, scarlet. You will be an amazing ruler and they know you have their best interests at heart
Scarlet: You don't know how it feels to be given all this power, and know you are going to let down the people you care about the most, the people you have known all your life
Marie: I do, because i did.
Scarlet: So you are going to let me fail?! That is not fair!!! I don't want this anymore!! I'm leaving mother and DO NOT FOLLOW ME. Its whats best for the people.
*Throws crown on the ground*
Marie: I know i should run after her but i was the same way and the pressure is too much and it consumes you but nobody ever knows because you keep it in until you cant anymore and then you lose it and everyone wonders why...but....but the pressure is bigger than even an entire town can carry

These days losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity 

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messy buns <3


cause i can do that, i do that when im asleep.

flexible ankles

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